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TRAK as a standard for architecture description needs some sort of governance. Just because it is released under open source licenses does not mean that it is a free-for-all

TRAK is governed and overall TRAK definition, the TRAK Viewpoints and TRAK metamodel are released under full version control.

In order to keep management overheads to a minimum and remain light and flexible the governance structure is based on that used for The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) where the principle of 'rough consensus' applies. To understand this read RFC 4677 - The TAO of the IETF and early thoughts are in an article on the trak-community site.

The heart of TRAK is the set of working groups formed by those who want to solve a problem or develop and application. Anyone can get involved.

TRAK Steering Group

The steering group is responsible for the release of TRAK and also for setting the overall direction and strategy of TRAK.

It is chaired by the UK Department for Transport.

TRAK Steering Group Structure and Responsibilities

TRAK Steering Group Responsibiities

The TRAK Steering Group has:

Members represent parts of the potential community that might engage with or use TRAK:

TRAK Steering Group Structure

TRAK Steering Group Structure

TRAK Working Group

The working groups are, not surprisingly, where the work is done. TRAK is deliberately user-centric rather than specifier-centric and therefore the working groups provide the means through which users identify improvements or problems, form a group and deliver the results.

The Steering Group only ensures that the statement of the problem/work to be done aligns with the strategy and makes sure that the results, if appropriate, can be fed back into the definition under version control.

TRAK WG Responsibilities

TRAK Working Group Responsibilities

Suggestions for work to be done, the formation of working groups and their business is done making use of discussion forums on Sourceforge for the TRAK Working Groups.


Modification Date: March 3, 2018