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TRAK can be implemented in a wide range of modelling tools and architecture description languages (a term taken from ISO 42010) such as UML, BPMN etc can be used to represent parts of the TRAK metamodel and therefore can be used in creating TRAK architecture views.

There are 4 implemementations of TRAK on Sourceforge:

There may be other implementations of TRAK outside Sourceforge. If anyone knows of more please let us know.

Component Parts of TRAK

Components of TRAK - Definition and Implementation


With either the UML profile for TRAK or the MDG Technology for TRAK or TRAK MooD 2010 Template, plus the The TRAK Enterprise Architecture Framework document (this project) and the TRAK Viewpoints document and the TRAK Metamodel document you can create architecture descriptions and architecture views that conform to TRAK.

Modification Date: March 3, 2018